Areas of Practice...

 I work with people experiencing many different issues, including:

  • Depression/sadness

  • Anxiety (including panic attacks)/worry

  • A sense that past events, including trauma and abuse, are influencing life in the here and now in unhealthy ways

  • Stress (e.g. interpersonal and work-related)

  • Difficult transition periods (e.g. perimenopause; the ending of a relationship or job)

  • Negative patterns which reoccur repeatedly

  • Family of Origin issues

  • Problematic relationships (e.g. difficulty sustaining meaningful relationships or losing oneself when in relationships)

  • Issues regarding sexual orientation

  • Adjustment to and coping with medical illnesses

  • Unhealthy eating and exercise patterns

  • Low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness

  • A sense of not living up to one’s full potential or not living the life one wants