Is what I tell you confidential?

 What is discussed in therapy is confidential, with some very specific exceptions e.g. if there is  imminent risk of harm to yourself or someone else, if there is disclosure of a situation where a child could be at risk, then I must take steps to keep people, including yourself, safe. If I receive a court order or  subpoena, then I must abide by the law. Other disclosure would occur only after we discuss it and  you sign a consent form authorizing me to share information with someone else (e.g. perhaps your  family physician).

 How long do people typically see you for?

 This varies greatly, depending on the particular person and issues involved and can be anywhere  from six or eight sessions to several years. The decision of when to terminate treatment is ideally a  joint one. Often people work on issues for a period, take a break and then return.

 Do you see couples?

 While the partner of a client may sometimes join us in session, I do not typically do couple’s  therapy.  I have some very competent colleagues to whom I refer people when it appears that  couple’s work  would be advantageous.